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8 Features That Were Changed in the Tesla Model 3 Refresh

8 Features That Were Changed in the Tesla Model 3 Refresh

First introduced in 2016, the Tesla Model 3 quickly skyrocketed to success as one of the few all-electric cars on the market. Next to its predecessor, the Model S, this vehicle developed a strong fan base that relished the top-notch sports car driving experience.

However, while many people still love their classic Model 3s, that hasn’t stopped the company from continuously improving upon its cars. In fact, the latest version of this vehicle has the potential to further the brand’s success even more. Here are eight features that were changed in the Tesla Model 3 refresh of 2021 and how these adjustments make for an all-around better driving experience.

Model 3 Exterior Changes

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of the Model 3’s interior alterations, it’s important to discuss what Tesla has done to the exterior. Classic Model 3s have a characteristic sporty design, making them appear sleek, stylish, and fast. Here’s some of what to expect from a refreshed version of this car.

Exterior Trim Redesign

In the past, all Tesla models featured a distinct chrome trim along their exteriors. Bright and eye-catching, this aesthetic gave the car a style that stood out on the road. But many consumers found these trims easy to soil and difficult to clean. As such, Tesla now aims to eliminate this problem by replacing the old chrome trim with a sleeker black design. This trim makes the exterior style a bit more subtle; however, many consumers find it to be the more practical of the options.

New Aero Cap Wheels

Tesla has also slightly adjusted the design of the Model 3 aero cap wheels. This is a subtle change in style, but they provide the car with a much cleaner and more aerodynamic look. Aero caps have the additional benefit of reducing air resistance on the vehicle as you drive, making it easier to propel the car forward and minimizing range usage. So they’re great to have, regardless of whether you’re trying to maximize efficiency or simply keep your Model 3 clean.

Double-Pane Glass on Windows

Double-pane windows in the front two seats are something that Tesla is working to bring to all their newer cars. Since noise production increases as the car accelerates, the inner cabin of classic Model 3s may be less comfortable for drivers. The additional glass pane on the windows blocks out that excess noise and makes for a quieter, more peaceful experience behind the wheel.

Automatic Trunk

The refreshed Model 3s even have more accommodating trunk features. In the latest versions, you can open and close your trunk hatch with the press of a button. This new power-operated system even allows you to set the trunk’s height upon opening, accommodating spaces with lower ceilings and less room to maneuver.

Model 3 Interior Changes

The exterior wasn’t the only area that underwent some upgrades. Believe it or not, there are more features that were changed in the Tesla Model 3 refresh of 2021. Here’s an overview of what you’ll notice when comparing it to older versions.

Matte Finish on Console

If you’re on the lookout for the characteristic shined finish on this Tesla’s interior console, you won’t find it. Though this appearance is a staple of most older Tesla cars, it’s a common complaint that these surfaces are easy to scuff and scratch. This ruins the interior’s overall look and can make keeping the vehicle appearing clean and tidy difficult. The new matte finish, on the other hand, is much better at hiding things such as dirt, scuffs, and fingerprints, making it a more functional yet still stylish alternative.

Glove Box USB Port

Rather than keep the car’s USB ports in the center console, Tesla decided to move at least one of them to the inside of the glove box. With this extra slot, you can keep your sentry-mode drive plugged in while conserving space for other accessories. The extra protection the glove box cover provides also ensures that this important program is safe from potential thieves.

Metallic-Finish Steering Wheel

Upon looking closely, you might notice additional changes with the steering wheel. Previously, their scroll wheels consisted of smooth plastic that allowed for easy adjustments. However, the grip on this material was minimal, and it often experienced significant wear over time. With the new plastic scroll frames, there’s a lot more grip when you’re adjusting your car’s settings, and the durable resource greatly reduces the possibility of wear over time.

Heat Pump Addition

The last upgrade we’ll discuss in the refreshed Model 3 is one of the most important for its overall performance. Heat pumps are efficient pieces of technology that work to generate more heat with less direct power draw. New to the Model 3 refresh, these devices keep your cabin sufficiently heated in the cooler months without pulling any excess power from the battery. This is an incredibly effective way to keep you comfortable, and it also improves the overall range of your Tesla. With the addition of the heat pump system, Tesla batteries conserve more energy to propel the car forward. This can yield an increased range of about 30 miles from the 2020 Model 3.

Since Teslas tend to struggle with maintaining range during the winter months, this is a substantial step forward in their technological development. However, it’s crucial to note that this pump makes the car’s battery slightly larger, which can make the space in the trunk smaller to compensate.

In summary, the Tesla Model 3 refresh made a series of vital improvements to the way these cars operate and appear. But this isn’t where the possibilities end. Teslas remain some of the most customizable vehicles on the market, and you can ensure that yours better suits your needs with a few accessories. At S3XY Models, we provide top-notch Tesla Model 3 interior accessories for aftermarket use. Whether you’re looking for advanced protection or a way to change up your vehicle’s color scheme, we have just what you need. We also sell exterior accessories to make your ride just as stylish as you want.

8 Features That Were Changed in the Tesla Model 3 Refresh

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