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How To Prepare Your Tesla for a Cross-Country Road Trip

How To Prepare Your Tesla for a Cross-Country Road Trip

Road trips are opportunities to have some of the most fun behind the wheel. Whether you’re traveling to see family or embarking on a cross-country drive to see the sights, these vacations are full of possibilities and adventure. However, for road trips to go off without a hitch, it’s important that your car is first ready for the rigors of driving for several hours, or days, straight. This is especially true if you drive a Tesla. This is how to prepare your Tesla for a cross-country road trip and what to consider as you tackle these tasks.

Configure Your Tesla To Fit You

It’s important that you take a minute to get to know your Tesla’s wide range of driving features. This is especially vital for those who have just purchased their first car from this brand. One of the benefits of driving a Tesla is that you get access to a series of unique settings and personal configurations when you’re driving. Some, like the navigation features, can help you find the fastest routes by keeping up with real-time traffic conditions.

Get Your Vehicle Thoroughly Serviced

Performing routine inspections and maintenance is key to any successful road trip, regardless of the car you drive. While Teslas have a positive reputation for needing different types of service and less regular work than other vehicles, making sure everything is working properly is always a good idea. Because of this, don’t forget to take some time to look over your ride in the days leading up to your trip. If you’d rather not do this yourself, drop by a local Tesla service center so professionals can test its steering, suspension, fluids, filters, and brakes instead. This way, you can trust that every component can get you to your destination.

Maximize Your Tesla’s Range

Make sure to also try maximizing your Tesla’s overall driving range before setting off on your road trip. Since these cars run fully on electricity, finding ways to conserve as much of it as possible is ideal for getting the most distance out of each charge. You can use Tesla’s trip planning feature to help you make the most of your vehicle’s range. This feature can take a lot of guesswork out of your trip.

Pack Light for Efficient Energy Usage

Cutting the overall weight of your Tesla can also make it easier to increase its driving range. This is because heavier vehicles require more power to force them into motion, which expends precious battery life. Packing light and being aware of your car’s weight can go a long way in adding back a few key miles to every charge.

Equip Your Tesla’s Aero Wheels

Aerodynamics plays a significant role in this as well. The more resistance your vehicle has when driving into the wind, the harder your Tesla needs to work to push through it. This also uses up additional battery power and can lead to your car charge draining faster than you thought it would. Fortunately, on top of their already aerodynamic shape, Teslas come with attached aero wheels that clip onto the wheel’s exterior and prevent air from catching within them. So, if you’ve removed these components in the past, you might want to consider reinstalling them before your trip.

Clean and Organize the Interior

Another vital way to prepare your Tesla for a cross-country road trip is to clean up and organize its interior. The condition of the cabin can directly impact your comfort and experience as you drive. As such, it’s vital that you dispose of all trash and organize all clutter prior to setting off. Purchasing a few Tesla car organizers can help with this by providing neat cubbies for all your essentials. Discrete trash receptacles can also help with maintaining your car’s condition even throughout your vacation.

Pack Portable Chargers and Adapters

As you’re packing for your trip, bring along any portable Tesla chargers or adapters you have as well. Unfortunately, even the most well-planned road trips can have unpredictable elements, and running out of power with little notice is the last thing you want. Additionally, this might be your only way of charging your car when you arrive at your destination. So, it’s always best to have these items just in case.

Protect Your Seats and Floors

Along with organization, you want to make sure your Tesla’s interior is adequately protected. Sometimes, accidents just happen, no matter how hard we work to avoid them—and your Tesla’s pristine floors and seats get caught in the crossfire. Damaged sections of your interior can ruin your driving experience, even tearing down your car’s overall value in the process. But if you install durable seat covers and floor mats beforehand, you’ll never need to live in fear of a small mess or spill.

Adjust Your Trip’s Route

Most importantly, though, you should configure your trip’s route and set it up with your Tesla’s navigation feature as you’re getting ready to leave. Along with helping you find the best possible routes to save time or find fun activities, this feature also helps you pinpoint any nearby Tesla charging stations. You’ll find you have the most success when you can plan your charging needs around the time you’ll need to stop for other things, such as food stops and breaks for sleeping.

Preparation is vital when setting out on an adventure. So, use these helpful tips to ensure that both you and your Tesla can handle anything your trip could throw your way. With the right preparation, driving your Tesla cross-country doesn’t take any more effort than driving a standard vehicle. In fact, you’ll probably find it a much more enjoyable experience overall.

If you’re in need of aftermarket accessories to get your Tesla road trip-ready, then we at S3XY Models have just the products for you. Whether it be Tesla rubber floor mats, seat covers, console organizers, or screen protectors, we carry everything you could ever want to keep your car in top condition. With these products in your arsenal, you can keep your Tesla looking its best and promote the best experience possible, no matter how long you spend behind the wheel.

How To Prepare Your Tesla for a Cross-Country Road Trip
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