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4 Ways You Can Keep Your Tesla Organized

4 Ways You Can Keep Your Tesla Organized

The organization of your Tesla is one of the most important factors contributing to your driving experience. Whether you need your sunglasses or simply a piece of gum, you’ll be able to reach what you need easily by keeping everything in its place. You’ll be able to find certain items quickly and maintain a clean interior. Since Tesla vehicles come with additional options for maximizing your storage space, they’re some of the best automobiles for sustaining an orderly driving cabin. Here are four ways you can keep your Tesla organized and decrease how frequently you need to clean it.

Equip a Center Console Organizer

A Tesla center console organizer is an essential tool to have in your arsenal for managing the items you regularly use in the car. Designed to fit perfectly in the Model S, 3, X, and Y, these aftermarket accessories allow you to make full use of the space. This distinct tray makes it easy to find objects by keeping them close to the compartment door, while its walls ensure that your things stay separate as the car moves. So, whether you’re looking to keep glasses, keys, or coins in this space, you’ll never need to dig around for them again.

Use a Designated Trash Receptacle

We also recommend using a designated trash bin in your Tesla to help maintain its organization. Even the cleanest vehicles have an occasional buildup of wrappers and other types of garbage, and you may lose your overall organization when this happens. Tesla trash bins keep these items neatly contained, and their sleek and subtle exterior designs allow them to blend in with the rest of your car. As such, they’re highly effective at hiding disposables and ensuring everything else stays in its place.

Maximize Storage Space

Another way you can keep your Tesla organized is by maximizing its storage space wherever you can. This could mean incorporating additional storage compartments like side door storage boxes or using specialized frunk bags to keep items more compact. These features don’t just increase your working storage areas; they make it possible to utilize the space better. Because of this, your Tesla inherently becomes more organized when you use them.

Purchase a Divided Trunk Organizer

Specialized trunk organizers can help you out as well. With their spacious, divided sections, each type of item can get its own compartment. As a result, you can find things easily and, much like with a center console organizer, prevent them from mixing while the car moves. Tesla trunk organizers are also collapsible, making them easy to store if you’re transporting something larger.

We at S3XY Models believe that an organized Tesla is a well-performing Tesla. As such, we want to help owners just like you get the most out of every drive. Check out our selection of Tesla storage accessories to maximize your space and keep everything neatly in its place.

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