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Benefits of Adding a Screen Protector to Your Tesla

Benefits of Adding a Screen Protector to Your Tesla

The Tesla vehicle design is unique in several ways. Not only are these cars the only ones in the world that fully operate on electricity, but they also use a touch screen as it’s central control unit. From this panel, you can regulate everything, from your car’s temperature to how quickly it accelerates. These features, and many more, make the Tesla touch screen an indispensable part of the driving experience. As such, the last thing you want is for something to damage it. These are the benefits of adding a screen protector to your Tesla and why it’s one of the first accessories you should buy for your ride.

Reduced Glare

Glare is a common problem for Tesla drivers. With ample light flooding in from all windows, including those on the roof, the reflection off your screen can make it increasingly difficult to see. But with the right type of screen protector, particularly those made with tempered glass, you can negate some of this effect. This makes your Tesla both easier and more comfortable for you to operate over longer periods of time.

Fewer Fingerprints

With how much Tesla drivers rely on their car’s touch screen, there’s also bound to be a few visible fingerprints along its surface. Screen protectors prevent direct contact between your hands and the screen, stopping oils from sticking to it. They’re easier to clean as well. So, even if there are a few fingerprints left after use, the problem is still reduced and simpler to correct.

Advanced Protection

Another noteworthy benefit of adding a screen protector to your Tesla is the advanced amount of protection it provides. Whether it be nicks, scratches, or impact force, these products have additional shock absorption that makes these forms of damage a thing of the past. This way, you can use your touch screen without worry of accidently leaving a mark.

Retained Car Value

With less damage to the heart of your Tesla, it’s only natural that it would retain more of its original value. The better condition of your vehicle, the more credit you’ll earn towards an eventual upgrade. With the brand producing new and improved versions of their cars every year, keeping your model pristine can really pay off in the long run.

At S3XY Models, we believe that protecting your Tesla should be a top priority. Our high-quality Tesla screen protectors are made with 0.3 mm thick tempered glass, allowing them to block all forms of damage while maintaining responsiveness. They’re also easy to install, making the process of protecting your car the simplest it’s ever been.

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