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7 Unique Ways You Can Add Your Personal Flair To Your Tesla

7 Unique Ways You Can Add Your Personal Flair To Your Tesla

When you love spending time behind the wheel, it’s natural for you to want your car to match your personal tastes. Fortunately, the Tesla brand makes anything possible. Tesla Models are the best vehicles on the globe for customization and personalization, allowing you to make them your own no matter what your preferences are. So, if you’re in the market for a few items and upgrades to give your new car some character, you’re in luck. Here are some unique ways you can add your personal flair to your Tesla and make it stand out from the crowd.

Apply a Color Change Vinyl Wrap

Changing your car’s exterior color is one of the flashiest and impactful ways to make your presence known. While Tesla vehicles already come in a marinade of different hues to suit your style, it’s important to know that you don’t have to settle if you want something different. Vinyl wraps allow you to quickly alter your car’s appearance by simply covering up your exterior paint. During this process, professionals carefully trim the material to fit your car’s outer frame then use a heating agent to seal it against the exterior. Wraps come in any number of custom colors and patterns. The Vinyl Wraps can also be applied to the interior of the vehicle on the center console to upgrade the look with Carbon Fiber Center Console Wraps or on the outside "T" Logo emblems to match the color (Carbon Fiber) or Matted "T" logo emblems to match the rest of the exterior trim. So, you’re sure to find something more to your liking. 

Customize Your Wheel Rims

Like your car’s paint job, you can also alter the look of your wheel rims. Rim changes are among the most popular ways auto enthusiasts showcase their unique tastes and draw attention to themselves on the road. As such, what better way to add some personal touches to your Tesla than to give them a design of their own? Rims are expensive and most likely the first thing to get damaged from parking. One of the best products to protect all your rims is the Wheel Bands Protective Rim Covers.  Customize the strip colors to your liking along with keeping the rims in good shape for the duration of your cars life. Paint is always a great option for those wanting to display bold, bright colors. However, you can also achieve glossy, chrome, or matte effects by professionally applying a coat of wheel powder. These particles magnetically stick to your metal rims, staining them a series of colors and leaving them with your chosen finish. 

Install an Interior Lighting System

You don’t need to limit your Tesla customization to the exterior of your ride, either. In fact, there’s even more you can do to make the interior just how you like it. Lighting systems, for one, can completely change the atmosphere in your vehicle. Whether you’re driving home from work or headed to a party, these customizable LEDs can help you set the mood. Additionally, you can purchase lights for several different parts of your Tesla, including your door jam, driver and passenger floors, and even your center console. With the right display setup, the possibilities are at your fingertips and the power to change your car’s look is in your hands.

Use Seat Covers and Floor Mats

If you aren’t a fan of your Tesla’s default seating and flooring, don’t feel like you need to get them reupholstered. Aftermarkeseat covers and floor mats come in a plethora of different patterns and colors, allowing you to change up your interior aesthetic in as little as a few minutes. These products are also useful for protecting your car from any dirt, grime, or water that makes it inside. Both items are washable, which makes cleaning your Tesla both faster and more effective. Even if you like the current appearance of your seats and floors, these products are still recommended for their ability to help you maintain your Tesla in the future.

Change Your Interior Trim

Personalizing your Tesla’s interior trim is a noteworthy possibility as well. Many default Tesla models come with a stylish, polished wood trim to suit their black or gray seats. But if this look simply isn’t for you, you can easily cover these areas with a vinyl wrap or replace them with a new material entirely. Like with car exteriors, vinyl wraps have several different colors and designs to match your vision. Applying them over your current trim can leave a distinct glossy or matte finish and breathes new life into your car, making it one you want to drive every day. Carbon fiber plating is another type of product to consider if you’d rather replace your old trims. Durable and sleek, they snap cleanly into place and leave your Tesla looking brand new.

Replace Your Steering Wheel

Since Tesla vehicles are incredibly adjustable, you can even switch out your entire steering wheel to suit your car’s new aesthetic. After all, you wouldn’t want it to clash with the new trim and seat covers you’ve painstakingly installed. There are several alternate Tesla-brand steering wheels you can purchase. The replacement parts can enhance the overall aesthetic and match the rest of your car's customization for carbon fiber accents on the steering wheel to diamond "T" emblems on the steering wheel. This way, you can achieve the look you want with less risk to the car’s basic functions and overall performance capabilities.

Incorporate Additional Accessories

The most effective way to add your personal flair to your Tesla is to incorporate aftermarket accessories wherever you need them. In addition to the hundreds of aesthetic changes you can make to your vehicle, Tesla also releases thousands of accessory products that help improve your quality of life while driving. Some of these items include protective screen covers, center console organizers, and even sleek, unobstructive trash receptacles. In adding some of these products to your Tesla, you can increase its range of accommodability and ensure that you can use it for whatever you may need.

Other types of Tesla accessories to consider adding to your car are:

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    7 Unique Ways You Can Add Your Personal Flair To Your Tesla

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