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7 Changes from the 2021 Tesla Model Y Refresh

7 Changes from the 2021 Tesla Model Y Refresh

As a brand, Tesla is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to improve its vehicles. Always ready to hear new ideas and receive feedback, this company goes above and beyond to create the best. Even between yearly models, some of the adjustments can make a world of a difference in terms of comfort and performance. The newest version of the Tesla Model Y is a prime example of taking an already-premium driving experience and improving it through driver feedback and industry advancement. Here are some changes from the 2021 Tesla Model Y refresh to consider as you shop for a new vehicle.

Interior Changes

To begin, we’ll discuss some of the alterations you can expect to see in the 2021 Model Y’s interior. After all, this is where the bulk of your driving experience occurs, and it’s the optimal place for some cool quality-of-life additions.

Luxurious Center Console

One of the first major changes to note is the newly designed center console. Previously, the center console consisted of two panels that flipped up to reveal their inner storage chambers and USB ports. Even a year ago, this was an incredibly sleek way to utilize this space, but Tesla has since found a way to make the area even more practical. With its refreshed sliding door and slimming leather finish, the new console provides a more luxurious feel while making it easier for the driver to keep it organized. However, it’s important to know that the USB ports inside the console have since been moved to cut down on cluttered wired connections.

Integrated Wireless Charging Station

The latest Model Y Teslas also come with their own wireless charging stations for your smartphone. In the past, Model Y drivers would need to purchase these platforms separately after acquiring their Teslas. However, the brand has since incorporated them into the cars themselves, saving you the hassle of hunting one down on your own. These stations sit just above the new console sliding door and feature a suede backing to ensure your phone stays protected and in place during the drive. Highly desired by many Model Y drivers, this fully integrated charger is a game changer.

Glove Box USB Ports

Though the Model Y refresh no longer has USB ports within the center console, you don’t need to worry about never having plug-in access. In fact, these ports were simply moved to a different part of the car. Now, these outlets sit within your Tesla’s glove box, still providing easy corded capabilities without cluttering up the compartment of your center console. The rear of the new center console also has two readily accessible USB ports for your back passengers to use.

Faux Leather Steering Wheel and Heater

In an effort to further improve the environmental effects of its vehicles, Tesla has made the switch to faux leather interiors. This is particularly noteworthy on the steering wheel, as it gives the component a smoother, more matte finish. The new steering wheel design also comes with slightly altered control nodules. In previous versions of the Model Y, these nodules consisted of plastic and rubber, giving them a stickier feel. Now, they’re comprised of metal, giving them a cleaner feel and better tactile feedback while in use.

Additionally, the refreshed Model Y comes with a new heated steering wheel feature accessible from the main control pad. Simply press a button to ensure your hands stay warm in even the most frigid conditions. When you use this feature in tandem with your seat warmers, you can keep your cabin sufficiently warm without wasting power by running the larger cabin heater. This is a great alternative that allows you to conserve your car’s energy during the colder months.

Upgraded HEPA Filter

If you’re looking for upgraded sanitary features, the refreshed Tesla Model Y is the car you need. With a newly integrated Bioweapon Defense Mode, these cars use premium HEPA filters to provide your inner cabin with the cleanest air possible, making it easier for you to maintain optimal breathability while driving. It’s important to note that this mode appeared in previous Tesla Model S and X cars, but this is the first time it has been incorporated into Model Ys.

Exterior Changes

If you look closely, you might be able to notice some additional changes from the 2021 Tesla Model Y refresh on its exterior. After all, Teslas have an iconic style that truly sets them apart from other vehicles on the road. With the refresh, you can make yourself stand out from even other proud Tesla owners.

Standard Black Exterior Trim

Classic Tesla models feature a distinct chrome trim along the window frames and headlights. This finish brightens up the car’s appearance and gives it an extra sparkle that draws the eye. However, in accordance with customer feedback, the brand has decided to change this finish to a matte black. Providing a sleeker and edgier aesthetic, this new look conveys the sense of luxury and class that one would expect from a Tesla.

Double-Pane Windows

Now, turn your attention to the windows. Traditionally, Teslas have single-pane glass windows. However, since these cars can generate a lot of noise on the road, the brand is aiming to limit this detrimental facet to the driving experience. Using double-pane glass instead dampens the noise generated by the exterior of the car. This leaves the interior much quieter and makes the act of driving this car more pleasurable for you.

Double-pane windows also provide additional protection in the event of an accident. Since they’re much harder to break, impacts are generally less catastrophic to the inner cabin. As such, they’re great safety features for reducing injuries and minimizing damage.

The refreshed Tesla Model Y is one of the leading pieces of automotive technology. Its intuitive features and luxurious style make it a highly desirable vehicle for anyone. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few finishing touches to better suit your personal needs. At S3XY Models, we supply Tesla enthusiasts just like you with premium Tesla aftermarket additions such as floor mats, seat covers, and exterior protectors. So if you want to customize your new Tesla, check out our stock of Tesla Model Y interior accessories on our website.

7 Changes from the 2021 Tesla Model Y Refresh

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