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Tesla Model Y Sunroof Shade | Tesla Model Y 2020-2024

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Color: Black
tesla model y sunshade

Why is the sunshade updated from one piece to two pieces?

tesla model y roof sunshade

1. There is no support in the middle of a piece , and it is easy to collapse. There is a steel wire support in the middle of the two pieces, which will not collapse.

2. If the magnetic attraction stone is installed in the middle of a piece, it is easy to fall off, and it will affect the overall appearance of the car.

3. Due to the large overall volume of the one piece , the stress on the steel wire that has been unfolded many times is uneven and easily deformed. When we updated the two-piece package, we strengthened the toughness of the steel wire, reduced the bearing area of the steel wire, and was not easy to deform.

4. One piece is not easy to install by one person due to its large size. The two pieces are divided into two smaller volumes, which are easy to install.



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