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Tesla Model 3/Y Wind Noise Reduction Kit

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  • Full Car Kit: Package with 10 custom-cut seal strip. Including the front/rear door, Front Pillar (A-Pillar) and Center Pillar (B Pillar), Hood and Trunk strip, Easily install with instructions
  • Premium material: Made of EPDM expandable hollow sponge rubber. Rugged and durable, and good resistance to heat & cold. Has a sealing, waterproof, lower voices, the role of dust
  • Specially designed: The Car Door Rubber Seal Strip has been custom-cut specifically for model 3, model Y. measured and tested countless times on the vehicle to reduce wind noise from entering the cabin along with other outside noises. Fit all Tesla Model 3, Model Y Vehicles
  • More advantages: Enhance the tightness of the door, Sound insulation, and noise reduction, optimizing engine compartment cooling airflow, Improve the cooling effect of the air conditioner in the cab, reducing driving wind noise and provide a quiet driving environment
  • Easy to install: Clean your model 3, model Y door edge. Wiped adhesion promoter on the surface. Pull off the sticker red protective backing of the seal. Hard press to ensure it can be installed firmly


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