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2020-2024 Tesla Model Y Spoiler (Carbon Fiber Matte Black | Glossy Matte)

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Carbon Fiber


  • Custom Fit Guaranteed: Our high-strength carbon fiber spoiler is customized for the Model Y and has been tested rigorously for its seamless, airtight wrap around the trunk lid. 
  • Premium Quality & Durability: Our spoilers are made with top-grade 100% molded carbon fiber that is durable in all weather and guaranteed to last for years.
  • Slick Appearance: Makes your Model Y look like a genuine Performance MY. Sexy styling and glossy/matte finish. Matches any color. Enough said.
  • High Function: Our spoiler adds extra downforce while moving, improving aerodynamics and handling around corners. This maintains the stability of your Tesla at high speeds. Experience reduced wind resistance, optimized battery for extended mileage, and enhanced driver safety!
  • Easy Installation & Cleaning: Your spoiler is prepared with strong self-adhesive 3M tape. Installing is as simple as peeling off the 3M tape on the back and pressing it onto the back of your trunk. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Perfect fit. 100% Genuine Carbon Fiber. 100% Satisfaction. All GUARANTEED! If you are not 100% satisfied with your spoiler, we’ll buy them back from you. ZERO risk, we take it all, that’s how confident we are that you’ll love them.


1. Clean the entire trunk lid to remove any dirt, water stains, and/or particles. You may alternatively wash the entire trunk with any car wash soap. 

2. Align the spoiler so that it is centered on the trunk lid. Ensure that the distance from the tip of each end to the edge of the trunk is the same. It will feel "right" like a click once the spoiler is centered.

3. Slightly peel the tape strip backing off of both ends of the tip. There should be roughly 2-3 inches of the tape strip covers dangling from each end. 

4. Reposition the spoiler exactly and ensure the tape strip backing is protruding out so that you can pull them while having the spoiler placed on the trunk lid. *Do NOT press down firmly until ALL the tape backing has been peeled off!*

5. Continue to peel and once the backing is completely off, press firmly and evenly onto the spoiler to ensure the adhesive will stick tightly to the trunk. 


Do NOT expose the spoiler and its attached surface to water after applying it within 48 hours. Avoid driving your Tesla for 24-48 hours. For optimal results, use a heat gun to warm the double-sided 3M adhesive either right before or after application. Remember, adhesiveness is weaker when the temperature is below 20°C. 

Please allow 7-10 business days for us to manufacture and detail the spoiler before shipment.

Made from 100% Real Carbon Fiber 

Easy to Install - 5-10 min installation

Measured to original specs of 2020 Model Y, Fit's perfect!

*Shipping times vary based on location. The product is in high demand and currently back-ordered. Contact Customer Support for further questions. 



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