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Power Frunk Kit | Tesla Model 3 2021-2023

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  • New Upgrade: After continuous upgrades and testing by engineers, which simplifies accessories and reduces installation steps. The new buzzer has a built-in ECU, waterproof coefficient IPX-8, and can receive commands normally in bad weather, It is the best upgrade choice for 2021 2022 Tesla Model 3 accessories.
  • Intelligent Control: Various control methods can be used through Tesla central control screen, mobile phone software application, front trunk button, and original car key switch. Improve the practicability of the Model 3 Power Frunk, which can avoid the depression and deformation of the front cover caused by the long-term manual switch.
  • Electric strut Installation distance: 330 (mm) / stroke 100 (mm) / medium nitrogen. Double oil seal, not easy to leak oil. High-quality steel, strong weighing capacity. Gently press the electric front trunk switch, and the front trunk strut will automatically close, free your hands, and enjoy intelligence.
  • Intelligent Anti-Pinch During the closing process of the Tesla Power Frunk, the running noise is lower than 30 decibels, and it will automatically stop descending when an obstacle (person or object) is detected. to avoid harm to you.
  • Installation service you are confused about installation, we have two installation methods. First, you can go to one of our partner installation service locations or Mobile Installation if you're located in California. Second, you can watch the installation video and install it yourself. If the parts are damaged during the installation process, and the installation error makes it unusable, you can also contact our Live Chat, and we'll arrange for the engineers who designed this product to help you solve the problem


Sold Out