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Tesla Window Tinting

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    Learn more about how we can help you maintain your Tesla and other electric vehicles. Our specialized services ensure optimal performance and longevity.

    PRIME Automotive Window Tint

    PRIME Automotive Window Tint

    Take Comfort & Protection to the Next Level

    With so many window tint films available, making the perfect choice for your vehicle has never been easier. From the latest, top of the line nano-ceramic, high performance metallic hybrid, and even traditional dyed window tint options, there's a PRIME ™ film for every application. It outperforms other types of tint to keep you comfortable and protected. All PRIME Window Tint is backed by lifetime transferable warranty.

    Nano-Ceramic Window Tint

    If you're looking for maximum performance & protection from your window tint, look no further than nano-ceramic window film like PRIME XR PLUS. Ceramic tint is designed to block out the most heat possible, while reflecting harmful UV rays to keep you safe. No matter the shade, ceramic window tint delivers results you expect.

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    Metallic Window Tint

    For all-around performance and good looks to match, hybrid metallic window tint like PRIME HP BLACK is an optimal choice. Over a classic dyed window tint, metallic window tint will provide strong UV ray protection with a true neutral, "blacked out" appearance for a level of privacy that looks straight from the factory.

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    Dyed Window Tint

    Don't let the name fool you - dyed window tint is hardly a thing of the past. With all the advances in modern film technology, PRIME CS BLACK will change the way you think about dyed tint, delivering UV protection and a look that's made to last a lifetime.

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    Additional PRIME ™ Window Film Offerings


    The next generation of high performing IR films developed specifically for the Chinese marketplace. PRIME X-Series goes beyond performance, it combines a level of security with an ultra-high rejection film.


    PRIME AP is specifically made to conform to the market demands in China by utilizing a unique blend of dyes & metal particles. PRIME AP is available in 15%, 30%, and 70% VLT, and backed by our lifetime transferable warranty.


    PRIME GL is the ideal entry-level window tint for any vehicle. PRIME GL offers substantial heat rejection to keep you comfortable, as well as UV protection. Additionally PRIME GL’s neutral black finish looks great on any car!


    Featuring Multi-Layer Smart Technology, this film was developed specifically for the automotive window tint demands in China (XP) and Asia (ST). It allows up to 72% of visible light through glass while reducing interior temperatures.

    Tesla Window Tinting


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