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Tesla Screen Protectors

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All Tesla models come with a touch screen as the general hub to control every aspect of your vehicle, so these devices will surely see a lot of use over their lifetime. As such, protecting your screen by eliminating scratched and oily fingerprints is essential to making it last. Our Tesla matted screen protectors are anti-glare, fingerprint & scratch resistant, washable & reusable. Therefore, cleaning is a snap and cracking the ‘glass screen protector’ is never a concern.

Additionally, our glass Tesla screen covers have a thickness of only 0.3 mm and a surface hardness of 9H, while ordinary PET film does not exceed 3H. This helps prevent damage from external forces, scratches and increases shock absorption, which is 5x higher than standard PET film. Check out our supply below to shop for the best protection for your navigation screen.



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