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Tesla Wall Charging Station - 220/240 Volt - 32, 40, 50 & 80 AMP

Plug Type
  • DISPLAY SCREEN Our charger features a real-time data screen that displays relevant information such as, real-time charging Amperage, actual charging Voltage, total kilowatt consumption, current temperature, and other informative data values.
  • 🚗  80 Amp charge at 22kw/hr giving 60 miles of Range Per Hour
  • 🚗  50 Amp charge at 12kw/hr giving 44 miles of Range Per Hour
  • 🚗  40 Amp charge at 9.6kw/hr giving 35 miles of Range Per Hour 
  • 🚗  32 Amp charge at 7.2kw/hr giving 26 miles of Range Per Hour 
  • 🔋  7-20X Faster Charging Speeds (Compared to 110V Charger provided by the factory)
  • 📟  Display Screen
  • 🔌  25 & 30 Foot Cord Length | Plug & Play No Set Up Required
  • 🚨 New 80 & 50 Amp Features:  
  •  Smartphone App includes features like tracking, managing, and optimizing your EV charging with a tap of a button
  • - (2) RFID Keys -Enable/Disable Function
  • - Amperage Adjustable Function: Saves money on permits/costs to use charger saves limitations on circuit w/o paying high installation costs
  • - Upgraded Cable Design/Length: 100% Pure Copper Cable - 3X Better Quality than Aluminum Blend Material (Tesla Uses)
  • - Delayed Timer Feature: (Up to 15 Hours - in 1-hour increments) Take advantage of The Countdown Timer Function for Low EV electric rates automatically based on the best time to charge your Tesla.
  • - Safe to use Outdoors! Including Rain🌧️  & Snow❄️:  IP 65 Rating 
  • INTELLIGENT CHIP Intelligent chip automatically adjusts amperage by communicating with EV's computer to supply the requested amperage SAFELY.
  • SAFE AND SECURE — The Level 2 Chargers have passed multi-point rigorous tests to ensure quality and safety measures. TÜV German Equipment and Product Safety Certification, CE️ certifications, UL️ Listed Cable Certifications, along with 12 other built-in safety features
  • Smart chargers are waterproof and safe to use outdoors. UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY! Works with all Tesla Models
  • Pure Copper Wiring unlike competitors with aluminum/copper blend in the cable
  • 12-month warranty and lifetime hassle-free technical support


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