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Tesla to J1772 Adapter Charger (Black) | 3-4x Charging Speeds

  • RELIABLE AND FUNCTIONAL - The Lectron-Tesla to J1772 Adapter is designed to connect J1772-supporting plugs to Tesla chargers. With our adapter, customers with J1772 Electric Vehicles can now enjoy Tesla charging stations anywhere.
  • COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with the Tesla High Power Wall Connector, Destination Charger, and Mobile Connector, our adapter greatly increases your number of charging destinations. Note: This product is not compatible with the Tesla Supercharger.
  • QUICK CHARGING - Our Level 2 charging is 3 to 4 times faster. With 40 amps of maximum current and 250V of maximum voltage, you can fully charge in a matter of hours.
  • EASY SETUP INSTALLATION - Just connect the Tesla charger to our adapter and plug it into your electric vehicle supporting J1772 plugs. To remove after charge, press the red button (on the Tesla adapter end) and the black button (on the J1772 end). Max 40A & 250V


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