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Power Frunk Kit | Tesla Model Y 2020-2023

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  • Easy Installation: After continuous upgrading and testing by engineers, accessories are simplified and installation steps are reduced. The new buzzer has a built-in ECU, a waterproof coefficient of IPX-8, and can receive commands normally in bad weather. It is the best upgrade option for 2020-2023 Tesla Model Y accessories.
  • Automatic Lift Function: The parallel bar support has a fixed bracket, which can be replaced with the original car brace. During driving, it is thicker than the factory support beam, with uniform weight distribution and stable support.
  • Emergency Pull Cord: New Tesla Model Y power frunk V10 version has an emergency pull cord device, which can be unlocked manually to avoid the problem that the front trunk cannot be opened when the battery power cannot be used.
  • Intelligent Anti-Pinch: During the closing process of the Tesla Model Y Power frunk, the running noise is lower than 30 decibels, and it automatically stops descending when an obstacle (person or object) is detected. so as not to cause harm to you.
  • Multiple Control Methods: central control screen in the main driving position, mobile phone software application, tailgate button, original car key switch, and kick sensor. With an abnormal reminder function, the original car warranty will not be affected after the installation
  • Electric Auto Off Switch Remote Control Waterproof Anti-Entrainment with Emergency Pull Cord (V10 Version)


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