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HEPA Air Filter with Activated Carbon | Tesla Model 3 & Y

  • Tesla Model 3 Model Y filter: HEPA air filter can more effectively adsorb harmful particles and gases, filter particles above 0.3 microns in 30 mins.
  • Premium HEPA Cabin Filters prevent harmful fine particles and dust from entering the vehicle cabin while keeping a clean and healthy environment for passengers.
  • High-Quality Air Filter: Melt blown electrostatic layer+ HEPA Filter layer+ Nutshell activated carbon.
  • Suggestion from Car-care experts and cabin filter manufacturers: Replace every 8-12 months or every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, especially desert and wet areas.
  • With high-density electrostatic electret filter and special Honeycomb Design: provide more filtering power and longer service life. We have maximized the filtration area in our cabin filters without affecting the free-flow of air into the passengers' cabin.


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