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2021-2023 Model Y & 3 Docking Station USB C Multiport-HUB

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  • Customized design: The docking station is specially designed for the central control interface of tesla model y model 3 2021-2023. It can fit perfectly on the edge of the central control and does not affect the use of the central control sliding cover and the central control storage box.
  • Multiport style: The USB hub has 4 ports, 2 Type-C ports, and 2 USB ports. Through 2 USB inputs, 2 mobile phones can be charged at the same time, and 2 Type-C ports can be added, which can be used to charge mobile or Macbook devices.
  • Multifunctional: The hub adapter not only can charge two mobile phones at the same time, the C2 interface can achieve 27W fast charging, and it can also be connected to Magsafe for wireless car charging. It can also be connected to a music USB flash drive, a driving record USB flash drive, a USB fan, a gamepad, and a MacBook Air to meet the basic application needs of Tesla owners.
  • Easy to install: First open the sliding cover of the central control, then place the product on the central control at a slight angle, and finally plug the cable under the docking station and the USB port of the central control.
  • Higher security: When the docking station and the central control are plugged together, a unique LED light will light up. And when the charging cable is connected to the mobile phone, the hub will allocate the maximum power to the charging port, and it has built-in temperature protection to prevent the hub from overheating.


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