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Electric Car Jack 5 Ton w/ Impact Wrench & Inflator for Tire Change


Electric Car Jack 5 Ton 12V with LCD Display Electric Hydraulic Jack Lift with Impact Wrench & Inflator for Tire Change

  • GET DONE IN A BLINK The electric car jack lifts the 11023 lbs car to its maximum height (lifting range: 6.1-7.7 inches) in just one minute. The electric impact wrench can quickly and safely remove screws and replace tires in 3 seconds. The built-in inflation hose of the jack can provide enough gas for a flat tire, you can monitor the tire pressure at any time through the digital display screen on the jack.
  • PLUG-IN 12V auxiliary port, which allows any adult to change and repair tires at any time on the garage/highway. A permanently lubricated DC motor can ensure the stable operation of the electric car jack. The LED lights built into the jack provide enough brightness for anyone to easily change tires in dark conditions. The electric hydraulic jack adopts a fully enclosed design, which is completely waterproof and does not leak oil.
  • ABSOLUTE SECURITY When the 5 Ton jack reaches the maximum height, it will automatically stop working. The self-locking deconstruction of the jack can prevent the car from falling suddenly and ensure the safety of the vehicle and the person. The protruding particles of the cross-shaped groove on the jack head can increase the frictional force. A built-in circuit breaker in the jack protects your vehicle from overload.
  • PROFESSIONAL MULTI-FUNCTION TOOLBOX The red triangle outside the box of the electric hydraulic jack can be used as a warning sign. The Velcro on the outside of the box prevents the toolbox from sliding into the trunk of the car. When the car is violently bumped, the tire-changing tool is still perfectly and precisely embedded in the box. The Regular cuboid toolkit is very space-saving and can be placed under the car seat.


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