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New 2022-2023 Tesla Model X Laser Engraved Ambient Strip Light

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  • 1. World Premiere: inspired by Tesla's innovative technology and unique charm, Yuxi premieres Model X Laser Engraving Ambient light, which combines Tesla's minimalist design elements with laser engraving technology to create an unprecedented light and shadow experience.
  • 2. Laser engraving: high precision laser engraving technology, 54,726 laser engraving holes in total. Light through the laser engraving holes, delicate lighting, and finely crafted holes intertwine to create a wonderful visual effect.
  • 3. Ambilight: LED light strip, available in 128 colors, 18 kinds of light flow effects, immersive in-vehicle experience, interweaving the world of light and shadow art
  • 4. Special mold: replacement installation, minimalist but not simple
  • 5. Bluetooth sync real-time control: four-door without threading cables design, safe and convenient
  • 6. Low power consumption: 6.5w power, energy saving and environmental protection: 2022 2023 2024 Tesla Model X Ambient Laser Engraved LED Strip Lighting (Dashboard + Doors + Seats) 


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