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Tips for Driving Your Tesla Model Y in the Winter

Tips for Driving Your Tesla Model Y in the Winter

The winter months are a struggle for any vehicle owner. With additional car maintenance to perform and extra precautions to take, there’s a lot to keep in mind for every deep freeze and snowstorm. However, if you drive a Tesla, it’s significantly more important that you use all the necessary tools to maximize its performance during this time of year. Here are a few helpful tips for driving your Tesla Model Y in the winter to ensure you’re ready for anything.

Schedule Your Departure

Tesla vehicles are incredibly intuitive in that you can control a large portion of their functions and settings from an app on your smartphone. This app even allows you to schedule a departure time for your regular outings. By setting this time, your car will automatically start the process of heating up the battery and defrosting your windows, just in time for you to leave for work.

Activate Your Tesla’s “Chill Mode”

It’s also recommended that you set your Tesla’s acceleration mode to “Chill” when driving in the winter. While standard acceleration is perfect for speed and precision during warmer months, this amount of torque can be dangerous in icy or snowy conditions. Chill mode lowers the torque you exert on your wheels, which can help you accelerate safely and conserve battery power while you’re at it.

Keep Your Car Plugged in After Use

Another vital tip for driving your Tesla Model Y in the winter is to keep it plugged in whenever it’s not in use. For many new Tesla owners, this can take a bit of getting used to. But doing so is crucial for maintaining a full charge and ensuring your car always has the means to heat up its battery. With it always plugged in, your Tesla will draw power from the home when activating, conserving additional battery life for the road.

Conserve Energy Where Possible

Additionally, you’ll want to try conserving as much energy as possible while driving. Battery life drains quickly in freezing temperatures and can impact your driving miles in the process. So, it’s important that you lower your battery usage by driving slower and decreasing your acceleration with “Chill Mode.” We also encourage you to use your seat heaters for cabin heating rather than the larger cabin heater, as it can consume more energy to keep your car warm.

Equip Your Tesla With Cold Weather Accessories

Above all, make sure you set your car up for wintertime success with the right accessories. From mudflaps to seat protectors to durable floor mats, Tesla vehicles have a diverse range of aftermarket products to choose from. Along with making your car more comfortable, winter accessories also help you protect it from snow, ice, and corrosive road salt.

For the best selection of Tesla Model Y aftermarket accessories, contact S3XY Models. We carry many products designed to make adapting to winter much easier on you and your vehicle. Visit our website today to find the best items for your driving needs this cold season.

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